Know Your Competition – Stay Ahead of the Game

The Grip on Know-how

The policy of decoupling and the upgrading of Chinese industry are putting increasing pressure on Western companies. Chinese champions are rapidly developing new technologies, buying into innovative industries and conquering new markets abroad. The illegal transfer of know-how often plays a decisive role in this development.

Chinese interests in Western know-how focus on future technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, speech and image recognition and virtual reality, but also application areas such as autonomous driving, smart cities and the industrial internet. In addition, there are new IT solutions through big data, cloud and quantum computing.

German and European companies must rise to this challenge and protect their know-how and trade secrets preventively and defend them legally in case of conflict. They must identify risks, close security gaps and thereby secure their market position - or enter into cooperation with leading Chinese companies.

Only Those Who Know the Opportunities and Risks Can Act in Time

CHINABRAND is experienced in the fields of technology, market analysis and competitive intelligence. With the help of competent and excellently networked local researchers and the latest Chinese software tools, we identify, analyze and evaluate technology and market developments and potential competitors or partners from China. Through systematic monitoring, we provide our clients with answers to the following questions:

  • How are future markets developing in China?
  • What strategies and tactics are the Chinese companies relevant to us pursuing?
  • Which products, technologies, innovations and IP do they rely on in international competition?
  • What know-how protection measures can help protect their own interests?

With its many years of expertise and best contacts in China, CHINABRAND is a reliable partner at the side of well-known German and European companies.


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Truma Mechanical Technology Shanghai

"The working process with CHINABRAND in the context of a comprehensive and detailed cost analysis was very effective. Both in terms of time and cost, absolutely within budget. The ongoing project information and documentation was exemplary."

Christian Geisreiter, CEO

Case Studies
Analysis of Chinese Competitors

Through its Chinese subsidiary, a German producer of cleaning technology came to know about the rise of an until then insignificant local competitor. CHINABRAND discovered that the company had made major investments in the expansion of its production capacity. The competitor was dedicated to tap the Chinese domestic market with its own brand, especially via e-commerce. Furthermore, CHINABRAND found evidence that the company had set up an R&D center, engaging about 200 developers and engineers. Based on these findings, our client was able to react to the new competitor in time and hence, adjust its own business strategy adequately.

In Search of a Chinese Partner

A Swiss engineering company considered its entry into the Chinese market. Opportunities linked with this project were evaluated by the means of a feasibility study as well as the assessment of potential partners. On that account, our client could initiate and successfully accomplish an M&A project with a former Chinese competitor. After the successful acquisition of the Chinese company, our client can now declare its products as "made in China" and thus, enjoys advantages in state tenders.

Entering the Chinese Market

A German brand manufacturer of kitchen installations wished to further strengthen its presence in the Chinese market through an expansion of its e-commerce activities. CHINABRAND conducted specific research on relevant foreign and local competitors’ e-commerce business of which guidance for its client could then be derived. Thorough analysis of Chinese e-commerce marketplaces showed which platforms were best suited for presenting a German premium brand in the field of kitchen technology.

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