China 2024: Compliance und Risk Management

Doing business in and with China is becoming more challenging and risky for foreign companies. Key reasons include increasing state interventions in the economy and numerous new laws and regulations that complicate business management. Current examples are cybersecurity, data protection, and counter-espionage, which are becoming central in the consistent transformation of the Chinese economy. The protection of intellectual property in the form of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, the scrutiny of cross-border data transfer, and export control are also gaining importance for China. This results in new requirements for companies' compliance and risk management, putting them under pressure. Now, they need to meet the state's requirements and maintain their position in the lucrative Chinese market.

CHINABRAND IP CONSULTING GMBH has proven solutions for these challenges. We offer highly specialized consulting services in the field of intellectual property and profound expertise in cybersecurity, data protection, and IT compliance in China. Our approach combines technical expertise, legal knowledge, and a deep understanding of the Chinese language and culture to support European companies in their business endeavors in and with China. We are familiar with the particular challenges foreign companies face in China, especially regarding legal and regulatory developments. Over the past 20 years, CHINABRAND has set precedents that have received media attention. Our long-standing mandates and success stories are proof of our competence and commitment.

Four Strong Arguments for CHINABRAND

Competence, Efficiency and Trust
No other consulting firm in Germany has a comparable wealth of experience and success with projects to protect intellectual property, know-how and data in China. That is why CHINABRAND quickly finds the right starting point for challenges in various industries. We are always informed about the very latest laws, regulations and standards, implement measures at a reasonable cost and manage projects responsibly and reliably. Therefore many clients have appreciated and trusted us for years.

Experts on Site – Under German-speaking Leadership
CHINABRAND has excellent networks in China and Asia and works together with experienced IP and IT specialists on site. Our project managers plan and coordinate all measures from Germany, maintain an overview and control results and costs. Competent contact persons in Germany are always available to our clients.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Complex Matters
Challenges in protecting IP and data are complex and require not only detailed specialist knowledge but also an eye for the big picture. That's why experts from different disciplines, such as lawyers and computer scientists, work closely together in our teams. As a one-stop store, we offer our clients many services from a single source. This saves them the time-consuming and difficult coordination of experts in Germany and abroad.

Protection against New Risks – With Up-to-date Knowledge
China creates growing challenges to foreign companies with new laws and digital innovations. With up-to-date knowledge and state-of-the-art technologies, CHINABRAND analyzes how European companies can seize new opportunities and protect their interests now and in the future. To this end, we are constantly expanding our know-how.

Multidisciplinary Teams

Challenges in the field of intellectual property, cybersecurity and data protection have many facets and call for a holistic approach, which is why the legal assistance of trademark and patent attorneys or IT specialists needs strong supplements. Companies wishing to protect intellectual property, know-how and data effectively and in the long term need a network of specialists from different disciplines.

CHINABRAND utilizes multidisciplinary teams of internal and external experts:

  • Investigators, specialized in the field of intellectual property, elaborate the background of a case and provide evidence material.
  • Trademark and patent attorneys with various industry specializations provide support in the analysis and enforcement of intellectual property rights in China and Asia.
  • In the field of cyber security and data protection, IT specialists use state-of-the-art software to investigate data theft and secure the evidence.
  • Communications experts ensure that successful measures are publicized in the national media.
  • For projects in the ASEAN countries and in India, our long-standing network of experts provides us with competent and reliable specialists in the fields of law, technology and communications.

CHINABRAND Pulls the Strings – And is Your Point of Contact

CHINABRAND project managers develop strategies, design measures and coordinate their implementation. They constantly control processes, monitor costs and report results. In this way, CHINABRAND saves its clients the costly, time-consuming and often laborious coordination across technical, linguistic and cultural boundaries.

We Work Across the Globe

Intellectual property, know-how and data no longer know any national borders. If you want to protect these assets, you have to look beyond national markets and act globally. International business processes are standard today, and the strategies and projects to protect them are correspondingly demanding.

The new generation of brand and product pirates now operates worldwide. Their strategies are complex, and their structures are usually internationally intertwined. Chinese digital platforms play a major role in global counterfeiting.

With the new laws and regulations on cyber security and data protection, data traffic to, from and within China is becoming more difficult. Legal restrictions related to data are also increasing in other Asian countries, especially in the area of innovative technologies. Secure international IT solutions are now in demand.

CHINABRAND cooperates with competent experts in the fields of intellectual property, cyber security and data protection in many Asian countries. They maintain personal relationships with many local authorities. In Germany we ensure the optimal management for each project – in German, English or Chinese.

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