Ready for New Challenges?

Western enterprises are increasingly being challenged by China and Asia. Product and brand piracy continues unabated, Chinese competitors are forming clusters and gaining market share, and unfair competitors are reaching out for know-how. In China, the new “Cyber Security Law” and the “Social Credit System” force foreign companies to disclose confidential information. The “Made in China 2025” strategy and the “New Silk Road” initiative are expected to further increase strategic risks for German companies.

Kärcher, WILO, ebm-papst – all global market leaders, have proven that these challenges can be addressed. CHINABRAND CONSULTING supports you in all of this. We fight counterfeiters, defend intellectual property and bring unfair competitors to justice. Moreover, we provide early information, analyze Chinese offensives and formulate counterstrategies. With our global network, we operate not only in China and Asia, but also worldwide.

Why Choose CHINABRAND - Four Persuasive Arguments

  • Efficiency Thanks to Many Years of Experience
    No other German consultancy has a comparable wealth of experience and success with IP related projects in China than CHINABRANDS. We understand how to approach challenges properly and quickly across various industries. Henceforth, we have enjoyed our clients’ trust for years now.
  • Local Experts - Under German-Speaking Leadership
    CHINABRAND can benefit from an excellent network in China and works closely together with experienced specialists and native speakers. Our project managers, based in Germany, coordinate all activities and always stay on top of things. Reliable partners in Germany are always at our clients’ disposal.
  • Your One-Stop-Shop for Complex Matters
    IP challenges can be complex and require a holistic view, which is why experienced professionals from various disciplines such as investigators or lawyers work closely together in our teams. As a one-stop-shop we offer our clients many services from one sole source. This, amongst others, spares the clients the time-consuming coordination of experts at home and abroad.
  • Protection Against New Threats
    With its constantly growing innovational capabilities, China is now challenging the West. Therefore, CHINABRAND analyzes how German businesses can protect their current and long-term interests by using cutting-edge technology. We are constantly expanding our know-how.

Multidisciplinary Teams

Challenges in the field of intellectual property have many facets and call for a holistic approach, which is why the legal assistance of trademark and patent attorneys needs strong supplements. Companies wishing to effectively protect intellectual property can benefit the most from a network of professionals from various disciplines. CHINABRAND CONSULTING utilizes multidisciplinary teams of internal and external experts:

  • Investigators, specialized in the field of intellectual property, elaborate the background of a case and provide evidence material
  • Patent experts, engineers and technicians – whose expertise range from the fields of machinery engineering to biotechnology – back the analysis of technical patent applications
  • In the field of cyber security, IT-specialists use state-of-the-art software to investigate data theft and secure the evidence
  • To deter further actions by imitators and raise overall awareness, our communication experts make sure to go public in national media with their successes on the fight against product piracy
  • We include further specialists in accordance with project requirements

CHINABRAND Pulls the Strings – And is Your Point of Contact

The project managers of CHINABRAND coordinate the national and international experts, accumulate expertise, and analyze the information gained. CHINABRAND spares the clients tedious cross-border communication of different disciplines, languages, and mentalities. CHINABRAND is a reliable partner for all parties.

We Work Across the Globe

Be it patents, trademarks, or copyrights - when it comes to protecting intellectual property, it is crucial to think beyond national boundaries and understand today’s global interrelations. Especially alarming is the emergence of a new generation of (Chinese) brand and product piracy which is undermining the protection of intellectual property, as counterfeit-strategies become more sophisticated.

Their structures are more complex and international in scope. This pertains to not only the export of counterfeits to third countries, but also the assembly of components manufactured abroad which are then falsely labeled. Here, Free Trade Zones have created a favorable trading environment for Chinese counterfeiters.

CHINABRAND CONSULTING works transnationally with qualified local investigators, lawyers, and patent attorneys as well as IP experts. We cultivate and maintain productive relationships with local authorities.
German, English, Chinese, or Russian – for every project we can ensure the best assistance of native speakers.


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24 Sep 2019
24.09.19 01:09
Update on the "Belt and Road Initiative"

At the 4th "JCC-SCCC New Silk Road Forum" at the Credit Suisse St. Peters Forum in Zurich on September 24th, 2019, Dr. Hans Joachim Fuchs will give a speech on the past and future developments of China's "Belt and Road Initiative". The link to the registration form can be found here.

24.09.19 01:09
28 Mar 2019
28.03.19 04:03
Webinar: Cyber Security in China

We invite you to participate in our one-hour free-of-charge webinar on cyber security in China and learn how to comply with the new Cyber Security Law and prevent cybercrime. Registration link: here.

28.03.19 04:03
07 Nov 2018
07.11.18 04:11

On November 22, 2018, Dr. Hans Joachim Fuchs gives a speech about IP-infringements in China and Russia at the "Counterfeit Day 2018" of CLEPA (European Association of Automotive Suppliers).

07.11.18 04:11
19 Feb 2018
19.02.18 10:02

How can CI be conducted in countries where such tools and technologies don’t deliver the desired results?  On June, 7th 2018, Alexander Gangnus will discuss opportunities of investigative competitor analysis on the Competitive & Market Intelligence Conference.

19.02.18 10:02
17 Feb 2018
17.02.18 10:02

Dr. Hans Joachim Fuchs will discuss at the 140. Annual Meeting der International Trademark Association (INTA) in Seattle,  how to proceed when purchasing a brand in China. Date: May, 20th 2018, 9:00am, Table Topic TSU04.

17.02.18 10:02
07 Feb 2018
07.02.18 10:02

Chinese product and brand piracy has become more and more clever - we will answer in our workshop on February, 21st 2018 beginning 10:00 am in the German-Italian Chamber of Commerce in Milano with new methods and instruments.

07.02.18 10:02
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