China 2022: Taking New Opportunities and Avoiding Risks

China continues to grow. The drivers of growth are private consumption and government investment in innovations. As part of its Domestic Circulation strategy, which aims to strengthen the domestic economy, the country is focusing on stimulating demand from Chinese consumers. Analysts estimate that the private consumer market will reach $9.6 trillion by 2030, accounting for 47% of GDP. The country's rapid digitalization is accelerating this growth, creating entirely new markets and opening up interesting potential for cooperation. In B2B, the state's investments in future technologies and new infrastructures are creating further business opportunities, for example in the Greater Bay Area. And with the new free trade zone Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, which is dominated by China, completely new growth prospects are opening up for European companies in Asia.

These opportunities are offset by new risks. The constant introduction of new policies poses a major challenge for foreign companies. The strategic plans Made in China 2025 and China Standards 2035 as well as the National Intellectual Property Strategy aim to displace foreign companies or reduce their market share. This increases the pressure to innovate and forces foreign suppliers to make strategic adjustments. Chinese brand and product piracy continues to grow, becoming more sophisticated and international. The Cyber Secutity Law with the Multi-Level Protection Scheme 2.0, the Data Security Law and the Personal Information Protection Law increase the regulatory pressure on companies. The exchange of data is being restricted, limiting companies' room for maneuver. The Export Control Law and the Corporate Social Credit System are also increasing the workload and costs.

Why Choose CHINABRAND - Four Persuasive Arguments

Efficiency Thanks to Many Years of Experience
No other German consultancy has a comparable wealth of experience and success with IP related projects in China than CHINABRANDS. We understand how to approach challenges properly and quickly across various industries. Therefore, many clients are trusting us for years.

Local Experts - Under German-Speaking Leadership
CHINABRAND can benefit from an excellent network in China and works closely together with experienced specialists on site. Our project managers, based in Germany, maintain an overview and control results and costs. Reliable partners in Germany are always at our clients’ disposal.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Complex Matters
IP challenges can be complex and require a holistic view, which is why experienced professionals from various disciplines such as investigators or lawyers work closely together in our teams. As a one-stop-shop we offer our clients many services from one sole source. This, amongst others, spares the clients the time-consuming coordination of experts at home and abroad.

Protection Against New Threats with Up-to-Date Knowledge
With its constantly growing innovational capabilities, China is now challenging the West. Therefore, CHINABRAND analyzes how European businesses can protect their current and long-term interests by using latest knowledge and cutting-edge technology. We are constantly expanding our know-how.

Multidisciplinary Teams

Challenges in the field of intellectual property have many facets and call for a holistic approach, which is why the legal assistance of trademark and patent attorneys needs strong supplements. Companies wishing to protect intellectual property effectively and in the long term need a network of specialists from different disciplines. CHINABRAND IP CONSULTING utilizes multidisciplinary teams of internal and external experts:

  • Investigators, specialized in the field of intellectual property, elaborate the background of a case and provide evidence material
  • Patent experts, engineers and technicians – whose expertise range from the fields of machinery engineering to biotechnology – back the analysis of technical patent applications
  • In the field of cyber security, IT-specialists use state-of-the-art software to investigate data theft and secure the evidence
  • Communications experts ensure that the achievements and successes of European brands are publicized in the Chinese media
  • We include further specialists in accordance with project requirements

CHINABRAND Pulls the Strings – And is Your Point of Contact

The project managers of CHINABRAND develop strategies, design measures and coordinate their implementation by specialists at home and abroad. They constantly control processes, monitor costs and report results.  

In this way, CHINABRAND saves its clients the tedious coordination across technical, linguistic and mental boundaries.
CHINABRAND is the reliable contact for all parties.

We Work Across the Globe

Vietnam, Israel, Peru, Senegal - those who want to protect intellectual property must be able to look beyond national markets and act globally. Intellectual property, know-how and data know no national borders. International processes are the norm today, accordingly the strategies and projects are demanding.

With the new laws and regulations on cyber security and data protection, data transfer to, from and within China is becoming increasingly difficult. Restrictions related to data are also growing in other countries, especially in the area of future technologies. Secure international IT solutions are now in high demand.

The new generation of brand and product pirates in particular operates worldwide. Their strategies are complex, and their structures are often internationally intertwined. Chinese digital platforms play a major role in global counterfeiting.  

CHINABRAND IP CONSULTING cooperates with competent computer scientists, IT experts and patent attorneys in many countries around the world. We maintain good relations with the local authorities. Whether in German, English or Chinese - we ensure the optimal management for each project.


16.02.22 03:02
Deployment of Cybersecurity-related Equipment in China

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On February 16, 2022 at 10:00 am CET, we will be informing about "Deployment of Cybersecurity-related Equipment in China". What are the regulations and what should be considered?

16.02.22 03:02
09.12.21 01:12

On 9. December at 10.00 am CET we will inform about cyber security and data protection in China in 2022. Which laws have to be implemented and what can be expected? (German language)

09.12.21 01:12
30.09.21 10:09

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The MLPS in China forces all companies to ensure, according to the specifications of a multi-level protection system, that their network is free from interference, damage or unauthorised access and that no data can be passed on, stolen or falsified. 

30.09.21 10:09


03.12.21 11:12
VDMA e.V. Event

We will be presenting the topic of Cybersecurity in China: Implementation of the MLPS 2.0 in practice at an event hosted by VDMA e.V. on 3 December 2021.
For questions, please contact Mr. Zimmermann directly.

03.12.21 11:12
30.11.21 09:11
Live Talk: IP in Times of Change

Dr. Fuchs will speak about the current IP trends in China at the IP conference of the Schulthess Forum in Zurich on November 30, 2021 at 2:30 pm. The theme of the conference is "IP in Times of Change". The link to register for the live event can be found here.

30.11.21 09:11
23.11.21 01:11

The Chinese IP ecosystem is changing dramatically. On 23 November, we will provide an insight into the topic "IP in China - What's in store for us in 2022? (German language)

23.11.21 01:11
18.11.21 11:11
Live Talk: Med-Tech World

Mareike Seeßelberg will speak about the latest regulations in the area of MedTech in China on the Med-Tech World  November 18, 2021 in Malta.

18.11.21 11:11
28.10.21 02:10

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The regulatory system for data protection and cybersecurity also applies to companies outside China as soon as they are involved in China-related data activities and these affect the national security, public interest or other legal interests of Chinese citizens or organisations. On 28 October, we will inform about implications and solutions for foreign companies (German language).

28.10.21 02:10
15.09.21 12:09

The still growing Chinese e-commerce market holds enormous opportunities for European companies. CHINABRAND and eTOC will inform on 15.09.2021 at 10.00 am CET about opportunities for international brands, the legal framework as well as successful marketing in Chinese e-commerce (German language).

15.09.21 12:09
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