Webinar: DSL and PIPL

Webinar: DSL and PIPL
  • Webinar: DSL and PIPL
by Sophia Fuchs

Event Information

China passed the new Data Security Law (DSL) in June 2021. The aim of the law, which comes into force on 1 September 2021, is not only to protect data in China, but also to regulate cross-border data traffic. The DSL is primarily about promoting data infrastructure and the innovative use of data by industry. Cybersecurity and data protection are the foundations for a functioning digital economy.

With the Data Security Law (DSL), the regulatory pressure on all companies operating in China continues to increase. The regulatory regime for data protection and cybersecurity also applies to companies and individuals outside China as soon as they are involved in China-related data activities and these involve national security, public interest or other lawful interests of Chinese citizens or organisations.
In this webinar, we will inform you about the content of the DSL with the following topics:

- Data classification and protection of "important data" and "core national data".
- Data localisation and cross-border data transfer
- MLPS requirements and data security obligations
- Data security review and data export controls
- Compliance proposals for foreign companies



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Further Informationen

  • The changes from MLPS 1.0 to MLPS 2.0,
  • The legal framework regarding MLPS in China,
  • The risks associated with the Corporate Social Credit System,
  • The process of MLPS 2.0,
  • The professional management of MLPS in the company.

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