Market Entry China

Market Entry China
by Sophia Fuchs


IPR Protection in China

The high economic growth rates in most markets in the Asia-Pacific region have created opportunities for foreign companies to increase their wealth, and with the liberalization of trade and investment, a large number of foreign companies have entered the Asia-Pacific market. As one of the world's largest economies, China's market resources are attracting more and more foreign companies to export their products or services to China or to work with Chinese companies to achieve a win-win situation.

Before foreign companies decide to enter the Chinese market, it is necessary for them to understand the current situation and the possible risks, of which IP protection is a key point. This is mainly reflected in two aspects: IPR registration and IPR enforcement.

China has long been criticized for extensive infringement of IPR. The country has not only been seen as the world's factory, but also as the world's largest source of counterfeit goods. Due to the growth of e-commerce in China, more and more counterfeit goods are also appearing on a variety of online platforms. So how to fight against counterfeit products and better enforce IP rights is a big issue.

However, it is notable that China has made great efforts to improve its domestic IPR environment and strengthen IPR protection, enabling foreign companies to protect and enforce their IPRs. In recent years, the Chinese government has insisted on equal treatment and equal protection for the IPR of domestic and foreign enterprises, adopting uniform standards and procedures in the process of registration, examination, confirmation and enforcement of rights. For these reasons, it is necessary and important to develop an effective IP registration and enforcement strategy.

On Wednesday, 28 July 2021 at 3 pm CET, we will hold a webinar to talk about IPR Protection in China with these key points:

  • The current situation for IPR protection
  • Problems and risks foreign companies face in China
  • IPR strategy before entering the Chinese market
  • Effective IPR enforcement processes

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