Lecture: CI in difficult markets

by Sophia Fuchs

Deep Data - Gathering Intelligence in difficult markets through field investigation

Ever since the emergence of Big Data, many CI professionals increasingly rely on web analysis tools in order to acquire intelligence. Yet how can CI be conducted in countries where such tools and technologies don’t deliver the desired results? In China, for example, many well-established CI and MI tools don’t perform well due to the particularities of the Chinese language and substantial differences in the local internet landscape. Moreover, much of the publicly available data is incomplete or falsified, so there are not many reliable sources for company information.

What’s the solution for this problem? In our session, we want to show ways of obtaining reliable intelligence in difficult markets using China as example. By introducing Chinese online databases and examples from former projects we want to show the attendees how reliable information can be collected through databases and verified through commercial investigations, interviews, and other presumably “outdated” on-the-ground methods.

Key topics

  • Attendants will get a general understanding of the particularities and problems regarding CI in China.
  • As part of the handout, all attendants will be provided with an overview on and a list of Chinese online databases where basic data about Chinese companies can be obtained. The list including web-links will enable them to start their own basic research.
  • Examples from our former projects will show the attendants how such basic database information can be verified and how deeper information can be obtained with on-the-ground research through field investigations or expert interviews.

Speaker profile

Alexander Gangnus is Senior Manager with CHINABRAND CONSULTING, a management consultancy specialized in the protection of intellectual property, market and competitor analysis, and advanced business development. He holds a degree as Master of Arts in Sinology, Business Administration, and Communication Science with the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich, Germany. During his eight years with CHINABRAND, he managed numerous CI projects in China and Asia, mainly focusing on the investigative analysis of his European clients’ Chinese competitors.



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