CSR and Compliance

Legislation, regulations and demands concerning corporate social responsibility and compliance are becoming stricter and more standardized worldwide. This trend has to be taken very seriously with profound and up-to-date knowledge being vital for every business. Current examples include the German Sustainability Code, the EU Directive on the disclosure of non-financial information, as well as the new, stricter Environment Protection Law and tightened anti-corruption regulations in China. In numerous industries, CSR and compliance are already regarded as an undisputable quality seal for all stakeholders, and the conduction and communication of specific actions today is imperative for sustainable success of a company. Especially today with social media at its peak, a seemingly minor oversight can escalate quickly into a full-blown scandal resulting in lost customer trust and full redemption in the eyes of clients, public and media is hardly possible.

In China, foreign companies also face growing pressure to act responsibly both socially and ecologically, with monetary and other penalties and even legal consequences for non-compliance having increased tremendously. Particularly since the intensification of controls and excessive increase of governmental investigations, compliance with the law and employment regulations, environmental protection and the fight against corruption are of undeniable importance. Moreover, companies not only bear responsibility for their own actions, but also share responsibility for the actions of their suppliers. The state and the society require that foreign companies make use of all opportunities to play a positive role in shaping ecological and social conditions along their supply chains. In this context, the supply chain sustainability gains significance and importance in China.

CHINABRAND CONSULTING helps its clients to identify compliance risks in their own Chinese subsidiaries or their suppliers’ businesses. We employ highly skilled investigators uncovering all kinds of compliance-related issues through in-depth investigation on the ground. Our qualified audits give our clients the insights for adapting their compliance strategy in China. Furthermore, we advise our clients on how to develop a tailor-made and China-proof compliance and CSR concept.