Dr. Hans Joachim Fuchs

Dr. Hans Joachim Fuchs, Managing Director of CHINABRAND CONSULTING, is an engineer and Ph.D. in economics and social studies. He is an internationally renowned management consultant and expert on China and Asia. Dr. Fuchs has 25 years of professional experience and advises well-known German and European brand owners from diverse industries. His career path: Director with Deloitte, Member of the Management of Braxton Associates, Vice Director of Prognos AG, and Manager of the Handelsblatt Publishing House.

Alexander Gangnus

Alexander Gangnus holds a Master’s degree in sinology, business administration and communication studies from the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich, Germany. Since 2009 he manages challenging and long-term consulting projects for his clients in China and Asia. His main focus lies on anti-counterfeiting, know-how protection, and competitor analyses.

Evgeniya Vazhova

Evgeniya Vazhova is a certified expert on compliance (International Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional, CCEP-I). From the beginning of her studies of economics, Chinese studies and intercultural communication in Germany, China and Russia, she has already dealt intensively with topics within the global business landscape. Today, her work focuses on international compliance, protection of intellectual property, global investigations, as well as investigative due diligence.

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