Webinar: MLPS 2.0 in Practice

Webinar: MLPS 2.0 in Practice
  • Webinar: MLPS 2.0 in Practice
by Sophia Fuchs


Your Partner for the Implementation
of the MLPS 2.0

With the new Multi-Level Protection Scheme 2.0 (MLPS), regulatory pressure on companies operating in China continues to increase. The regulatory system for data and cybersecurity forces all companies to ensure that their network is free from interference, damage or unauthorized access, and that no data can be disclosed, stolen or falsified, according to the specifications of a multi-level protection system. The scope of the mandatory MLPS is broad, covering virtually all companies operating in China in all industries and is not limited to Internet or IT companies. Foreign companies are aware of the importance of the legal requirements, but due to the complexity of the regulations and also the language barrier, they do not know how to implement the MLPS 2.0 in practice.

CHINABRAND helps companies implement the MLPS 2.0 regulations from initial IT systems assessment and preliminary classification to acceptance by certified auditors in China.

  • Preliminary classification of IT systems and determination of the required protection
  • Registration and certification by the public security authority
  • Gap analysis and remediation plan in case of optimization needs
  • Security assessment by authorized auditors
  • Submission of the assessment report to the public security authorities



Implementation of the MLPS 2.0
in Practice

Steps 1-2: Classification and Registration

There are five steps to implementing the MLPS 2.0 in an organization. In our webinar, we will inform you about the first two steps, classification of systems and registration with the Public Safety Authority, covering the following topics:

  • Identifying information systems relevant to the MLPS 2.0,
  • Preliminary classification of the information systems,
  • Procedure of external expert evaluation,
  • Preparation of the necessary documents for registration,
  • Certificate classification.



Steps 3-5: Analysis and Adjustment, Evaluation and Inspection of the Authority

Under the MLPS 2.0, companies are classified into one of five security levels, for which different requirements apply, depending on the size and complexity of their data-processing systems and the type and volume of data processed.

The implementation in the company takes place in five steps. In this webinar, we will provide you with information on steps 3-5 - analysis and customization, assessment, and agency inspection - specifically covering the following topics:

  • Verifying compliance of IT systems security measures
  • Adaptation of the security measures
  • Assessment by government-approved test center
  • Inspection by public safety authority


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Further Informationen

  • The changes from MLPS 1.0 to MLPS 2.0,
  • The legal framework regarding MLPS in China,
  • The risks associated with the Corporate Social Credit System,
  • The process of MLPS 2.0,
  • The professional management of MLPS in the company.

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