Outsourcing of IP Services

When it comes to effectively and sustainably protecting IP in China and other countries, managing and controlling foreign service providers usually means unwanted operational complexity, high risk and cost. China in particular is a vicious and dangerous market, often compared to a shark pool: Outsourcing the protection and enforcement of your IP to generic service providers with off-the-shelf solutions, insufficient commitment and poor results will get you eaten alive in a second.

This is where we come into play. With our highly customized and holistic strategies, innovative measures, years of experience, exceptionally strong relationships to Chinese authorities and outstanding commitment to the client we relieve you from unnecessary workload, and the specialized Chinese lawyers we broker win even the most challenging IP lawsuits and constitute precedents in the Chinese legal system – let us do the same for you. As a highly specialized IP Master Service Provider, CHINABRAND CONSULTING offers a variety of services:

  • Research and Monitoring: Investigations, sample purchase, internet monitoring, patent and trademark research, IP lawsuit database research.
  • Legal Prosecution and Enforcement by Chinese Lawyers*: Raids and inspections, trademark opposition and invalidation, IP infringement lawsuits, patent nullification proceedings, mediation and arbitration, take-down-notices and warning letters, website deletions and domain transfers, report of fake certificates, public relations, lobbying, customs recordation.
  • IP Strategy and Management: Trademark and patent applications through Chinese lawyers, development of IP strategies, consulting in IP management and IP risk management, concepts for know-how-protection, IP workshops and trainings, IP and compliance guides, IP contract design.

We are a One-Stop-Shop for outsourcing all kinds of IP services. We manage external service providers and lawyers and save you time and money through tight and efficient project management and strict budget controlling. For all our services, we focus on cost-effectiveness. We only recommend what’s necessary and guarantees the highest impact and most lasting outcome.

*) Regarding legal consulting and services, please take note of our General Terms and Conditions that you can find on