Intellectual Property

The IP landscape in China is replete with latent and insidious dangers for unprepared businesses. You have to thoroughly and professionally assess the Chinese IP scenery and your own IP portfolio before you enter the market to stand a chance.

Instead of just copying, Chinese companies themselves file an increasing number of patents – even abroad with an increasing tendency on the rise. Western companies have to know exactly which intellectual property rights Chinese competitors own, how their rights are protected and how they might attack. What are their strengths and weaknesses, what trends can be assessed and what are their strategies? Is there a substantial risk of getting pushed out the market in China due to patents of Chinese competitors or weaknesses in one’s own portfolio? Outstanding expertise, competent partners and holistic strategies for IP and IP Risk Management are imperative for ensuring success with lasting results.

Such advanced IP strategy consulting is where the majority of generic service providers fail – at the client’s expense – and where CHINABRAND makes the difference offering qualified and innovative solutions whilst avoiding unnecessary and expensive complexity. We employ IP consultants with strong and creative personalities from a variety of backgrounds as well as Chinese researchers with in-depth experience who go below the surface to unlock profound insights. We have extensive experience across all industries and are at the forefront through our skillful and effective use of high-end tools and comprehensive research databases.

Our mission is to combine cutting-edge technology with highly qualified personnel in order to provide our clients a tailor-made IP strategy for China and Asia.