Counterfeiting and Piracy

Brand piracy and counterfeiting continue to grow – in both quantitative and qualitative terms. The number of cases has increased substantially and theft of intellectual property by Chinese companies has become more insidious. Chinese counterfeiters and copycats by now have a strong and comprehensive understanding of intellectual property; their strategies have thus become more ingenious. Applied measures include the clever avoidance of patent infringements, the aggressive use of legal loopholes as well as the professional forgery of certificates. The construction of a Great Wall of Patens is supposed to block foreign competitors.

Recently, the following trends can be observed:

  • Digitalization: Enormous growth of online sales of fakes.
  • Globalization: Counterfeiters build up wholesale networks.
  • Atomization: Fragmentation of the counterfeiting market into many small manufacturers.
  • Consumer awareness: Consumers consciously replace expensive genuine goods with cheap copies of good quality.
  • IP Attacks: Intellectual property rights are used as competitive weapons within the market.
  • Diversion: Strong growth of grey markets / parallel imports.

CHINABRAND CONSULTING combats international brand piracy and counterfeiting successfully and sustainably by implementing a holistic and integrated approach with perfectly executed coordination of numerous distinct measures, tailor-made for the specific circumstances of each and every case. For us, there are no off-the-shelf-solutions. As diverse as counterfeiting is nowadays, as diverse are our solutions, always aiming at achieving the best results for our clients. For long-term success it is vital to tackle the problem at its source. Proven winning strategies include covert investigations to preserve evidence, as well as raids and civil lawsuits for compensation. Successful accomplishments should be published in domestic and foreign media to build up pressure and sustain it for the largest and most lasting impact.*

Picture source: SATA

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