Patent Research and Analysis

The Chinese innovation offensive is picking up speed. Instead of only copying, innovative Chinese companies apply for high-level patents themselves – increasingly abroad. Nowadays, they not only export products but rather inventions and innovations. This also applies to the field of product design, where Chinese companies compensate their shortcomings in brand development. Good designs strengthen weak brands.

CHINABRAND CONSULTING’s professional in-depth analyses of Chinese patents and registered designs often deliver remarkably interesting and insightful results, which can be used to draw valuable and strategically applicable conclusions on the strategies of Chinese competitors:

  • Which Chinese companies engage in our technology field?
  • Have there been any relevant innovations by Chinese companies recently?
  • What trends and sudden changes can be observed in the application behavior?
  • Which solutions can be observed in Chinese companies' engineering?

The specialized Chinese patent attorneys we broker answer the following questions:

  • Is there relevant prior art putting our own IP at risk?
  • Are our registered patents and designs being bypassed?
  • Do we have Freedom to Operate in China and our export markets?

CHINABRAND CONSULTING offers Western companies professional research and analysis of Chinese intellectual property rights by highly qualified experts from original sources and in Chinese language. Our native patent researchers have access to the largest and most up-to-date IP databases from China and abroad. Through our excellent and long-standing relationship to the Chinese patent office SIPO, we are always at the forefront and able to deliver our clients first-hand insider knowledge – also about the latest trends in IP enforcement. We dig deeper where others fail to even crack the surface.