Know-how and Trade Secrets

Global competition is increasingly shifting toward a competition for innovation where technological expertise and entrepreneurial information become crucial success factors. This is why preventive protection thereof is vital.

Effective means of protection against industrial espionage are especially necessary since it is a fact that any stolen information is only acknowledged as trade secrets by courts in numerous jurisdictions when they have been unknown to the public, bear a monetary value and have been verifiably protected by adequate security arrangements. A plethora of lawsuits are only lost due to insufficient use of protective measures.

Based on diverse and profound experience and numerous successes, CHINABRAND CONSULTING offers superior service and tailor-made solutions for even the most challenging projects regarding theft of know-how and trade secrets, as well as in the demanding field of unfair competition.

We support our clients and proactively accompany them with a variety of strategies resulting in an integrated system including legal, organizational, technical and political measures that enable companies to protect their know-how and business information effectively, sustainably and in a strong enough manner that will stand up in court. We make use of an extensive catalog of over 300 measures to ensure the security of critical know-how and the imperative court-proof documentation of all measures. Of particular importance are the legal and organizational measures because a substantial proportion of know-how does not get lost by criminal intrusions in the company’s in-house IT systems but rather by disloyal staff or business partners.*

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