Global Counterfeiting

Brand piracy and counterfeiting have become a severe global problem in a variety of industries. Counterfeiters nowadays are highly organized and act on a transnational scale. Their strategies are very complex, as are their ingeniously intertwined international networks. In addition, their global counterfeit activities have formed clusters in selected countries: currently China and India in Asia, Russia and the Ukraine in Eastern Europe, Dubai in the Middle East as well as Brazil and Mexico in Latin America. Turkey has developed into a new global melting pot, and Africa has gained in importance as a target market and as a platform of global counterfeiting.

The traditional way to avoid counterfeits from reaching foreign market is to establish harsh Customs controls and create import restrictions. However, insidious traffickers of counterfeit goods will always have a way of passing through the cracks like weeds. Canada, for example, has turned into a transit country for fakes on their way to the United States. At the same time, millions of small shipments by air courier fly over the barriers which used to be considered impermeable. It’s imperative to grab the evil by its roots and not try locking the borders and waiting until it’s too late.

At CHINABRAND CONSULTING, we believe that it’s necessary to fight counterfeiting where it originates and to close down the factories. We don’t treat the symptoms, we cure the disease.

We successfully combat international brand piracy and counterfeiting due to our broad and comprehensive legal understanding of the different national law systems, experience in various international projects as well as excellent contacts to foreign service providers and authorities. Due to our profound long-term experience, we have access to an extensive global network of local investigators, specialized lawyers, experienced patent attorneys and professional IP experts. Based on our reliable, sustainable and long-standing relations to Chinese authorities we have access to insider information of officials at foreign Customs authorities, the police and other government agencies.*

Picture source: UNODC

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