Decreasing economic growth in China? Not when it comes to E-Commerce. The distribution of products and services via the internet reached exorbitant growth rates during the past years. In 2016, the total market volume in Chinese E-Commerce amounted to 4.8 trillion US-Dollars.

Compared to Western economies, marketing and sales in B2B and B2C are more often conducted online in China. This bears great chances for foreign companies. Not only can they increase the reputation and the publicity of their brand through professional E-Commerce and M-Commerce, they can also effectively and efficiently penetrate the Chinese market. Yet in order to be successful, high commitment and ideal consultation is necessary.

Our services in the field of E-Commerce in China cover all phases of market entry and cultivation:

  • Market entry and competitor analyses: Are international and Chinese competitors engaged in E-Commerce in China? What are their strategies? Which online marketplaces are most suitable for distribution? What is the most suitable market entry strategy?
  • Legal and organizational framework*: Are any special licenses or certificates necessary to engage in E-Commerce? What are the specific import regulations or liability and data protection ordinances for each industry? Is the choice of the right corporate structure crucial for the success of the planned business model? What are the regulations concerning web hosting?
  • Online shop design: What particularities need to be observed in terms of language and design of a Chinese online shop? Which functions are particularly important for Chinese consumers? How about the payment process? Is it necessary to integrate social media?
  • Warehousing and logistics: How does a tailor-made national and international supply chain look like? How and with which partners can efficient and effective warehousing and shipping be realized? How to involve the offline distributors?

Through our long-standing experience in China as well as the cooperation with specialized Chinese researchers, jurists, as well as marketing and logistics experts, we are able to offer professional consulting to international companies regarding the creation or optimization of their E-Commerce for China.

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