Business Development

Doing business in China is becoming increasingly difficult. The Chinese Government restricts the import of foreign products to strengthen the domestic industries, and the current business climate is rather unfavorable for foreign companies. Moreover, the devaluating Yuan is anything but beneficial for cross-border trade between the USA and China.

In order to overcome the above problems and achieve profitable and sustainable growth in the Chinese market, Western companies need to re-think their China strategy. The acquisition of a Chinese company, the strengthening of the established facilities or the development of electronic sales channels are only three possible approaches to gain the maximum out of the more and more complex and complicated Chinese market.

CHINABRAND CONSULTING offers superior consultation and in-depth analysis for advanced business development. For our innovative projects we use industry-specific company databases, which contain over millions of Chinese companies that can be precisely categorized into thousands of industries and product lines.

Through access combined with our skillful and effective use of these databases we provide breakthrough business insights and substantial competitive advantages for Western companies in China and Asia. This way, companies can expand and optimize their businesses faster and more target-oriented, particularly in the less developed but up-and-coming Chinese hinterland regions.