Service Provider for China and Asia

CHINABRAND CONSULTING is an integrated German consulting firm and service provider that operates internationally and focuses on intellectual property, innovation and global competition. We have access to extensive and comprehensive international resources and work for companies which have already gained longtime experience abroad. Our regional focus primarily lies on China and Asia. Many of our clients are market and technology leaders, which we have been providing with individualized consulting support under long-term mandates. Our main consulting fields are:

  • Anti-counterfeiting and combat against global brand piracy.
  • Identification, analysis and defense of Intellectual Property.
  • Protection of know-how and Trade Secrets.
  • International Innovation Management.
  • Business Development and Human Resources for innovative companies.

CHINABRAND runs offices in Munich, Boston and Shanghai and employs highly qualified consultants with several years of professional experience. Our clients are famous brand companies from various industries, including mechanical engineering, automotive, electrical engineering, pharmaceutical and consumer goods.